How to build a pyramid #1

How to build a pyramid.

First, a population of many handy people. A large army of fierce warriors to
march up and down, a pharaoh or a queen or a prime minister, mullah or ayatollah with the vision or
the membership of a group or fraternity that has a bigger vision. (the vision
of course, is pyramid). The population may be well fed or not. In fact many can
be abused with coercion to achieve the vision. All people will be held in awe
for the vision. A land with many rocks must be colonised, invaded, suppressed
or bought. Each member of your society must in their lifetime carry at least
one grain of sand to the pyramid base, or to where the base has risen to but
not higher than one’s own station in life. Everyone must have a station in

Now, as well as carrying their one grain of sand, each person must also make
other commitments to a successful pyramid. Like not carrying the wrong sand
(you do not want to help a neighbouring country to build their pyramid quicker
and better than your country). Why, this reflects on not only the locals who
gave of their lives so that you could carry your grain. It also detracts
from the future of your children and their children having a pyramid in their
land. Only the biggest, tallest, steepest, pointiest pyramid will rule over all
the pyramids of the earth. This is what will eventually justify the wars,
famine, injustice,  power bills and petrol prices. It will vindicate the
leaders and promote the wealthy and intelligentsia, even to a possible after
life. It will however, require vigilance to maintain many millions of
impoverished people at the base. There must be a base, and even though the base
may never be the pinnacle, it is of extreme importance. Many generations of
people will live and perish at the base, a fact reflected in the equation of masses
to base area squared.

The method used to apply vigilance in pyramidis is simple, convince people
they have a need, offer inducements weighted so that the lower orders can see
the benefits of reward given to others. One also can not emphasise enough the
need for a well defined celebrity status, a selection from across all classes
and levels of the pyramid to display what it is that pyramidis stands for, and
what one grain can attain.

God is also catered for; he gave of his only son (grain) that gave of
himself also. This can then be recorded and used as inspiration and incentive
for the base population. Stories, moral codes and mysteries. These provide the
metaphysical worth of a grain while science will give it mass, time and a

Due to the shape of a pyramid, there needs be many more people at the base
than the top. Thus the perfect physical manifestation to represent the cerebral
cognisance available to a given species and how to get there.



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