Pyramid specifica #2

Now don’t get the word pyramid confused with the
obvious…(yes, a pyramid). You now have to imagine a pyramid of a whole generation’s
effort to be but part of the base of the next generation. This of course goes
on and on until there is but one final pyramid. (the pinnacle, the outcome of
countless generations of humans all applying their grain to the big picture).
Made of many many smaller but significant to their time. The maths on this is
fluid, as there are as many pyramids as individuals (in theory).

Is the final one, the big pyramid significant?. Well to answer this one must
go back to the grain of worth every person has contributed to their (and the
bigger) pyramid. In that sense, yes, it was worth it but all the effort no
longer exists. Just the value of one big pyramid.

Of course by the time it is completed there will be far fewer people. That
is natural (not selection) but natural in the sense of what will remain of
resources and incentives, the lack of need for a working class or mass of
people at the base. Sorry to the masses, but you were only needed for the base.
This also raises another situation whereas the masses also miss out on the
reward of the final pyramid. Or, to put it succinctly, the pyramid base being
large and requiring many people has the smallest return for effort. The pyramid
by its own geometry becomes more complete as it reaches its apex. The reward
being a pyramid so at any point in its construction the reward represents
another pyramid if you like, upside down and overlayed on the first. So that at
the base is a point of reward and at the point is a base of reward. It stands
to reason then that over generations of time the base people will receive
little or no reward but at the completion of this pyramid, when there are fewer
people, the rewards are proportionately large as they are small at the base. If
one is serious about their grain of sand, it would appear to be better to start
at the top than the base. Or at the reward point of the base, or close to it.


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