talk in tounges of pyramids…

There would be as many ways to explain pyramid as dialects. Given
this would it be possible that the concept gets a little mixed up. For
instance, there must be nuance missing in translation of Old german or
latin or old greek, russian to say, english. I have only ever been able
to read english. All my life media and books, from comics to black and
white TV and radio shows…all in english, all displaying nuance of the
language as derived over many generations of cultural development. The
history of development of language tempered by the prejudice and sense
of humour or high drama of the common denominator across a cultural
linguistic experience. From the foul mouthed "dockyard worker" to the
toffee nosed "genteels", both extract elements of each experience to
weave a common expressive which over time becomes determinate of the
very values of the societal moral structure. A pyramid of meaning if
you like.


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