A brief history of art (the first twenty seconds)

Art is considered an expression of contempory aesthetic.
This is borne on the previous experience of artistic objects and
concepts over need times materials and or technological improvements
over methods.
This all depends on your age, place, circumstances and inclination.

age: simply because if you are 1 year old your experience though rich
is not the same as a 20 year old is not the same as a 50 year old etc.

place because this is where you are. This is where your most
formatitive impressions will be made. This is your one and only link to
the observational universe.

circumstances because a poor street beggar in India would have a
different set of needs for aesthetic observation than say, Prince
Charles. Age plays a part here also.

inclination because everybody knows about art in some form. But only a percentage of the whole see art in their observation.

Then where would the line be drawn for the difference between life and
art…. this is a position of  "inner or outer" perception. One
drinks coffee from a mug but also perceives fine work has gone into the
creation of the mug. The coffee would be the same in an old tin cup.
But a finely crafted mug could compliment the experience of the coffee.

(is the perception of an experience art)


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