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Depending on the position on the earth of an individual possibly
affects the observation or the (world view) of the observer. The
individual has now become an observer (see above) and that places the
individual in a grey area because although from behind every single
living persons eyes is the experience of looking (observing) and thus
(from behind and in front of those eyes) the universe is given
existence (depending on the direction, focus and intended view the
observer is experiencing) yet the individual can only see what they
see… you can not see through another’s eyes and even scientifically,
for instance, two persons standing side by side would not see the same

The universe has now become fact because either our eyes have seen it
or our minds have interpreted what our eyes have seen and formulated a
chemical reaction that is able to maintain a fuzzy set of this
experience by way also of a memory of the experience of the looking and
applying whatever associated (set additives) the individual whom now is
an observer has stored within their own particular chemical make-up and
survival requirements.


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