nearly twelve horses

Conscripted and chastened envious looks of the loose moral
twilight epitomies the rings of saturn under my eyes
the brain dead lesson of the teacher of western trance
forgotten lovers blow kisses blow hair blow the man down
lesson number three of the brain living in a head somewhere
jars of alcohol swapped swabbed and swallowed for the doctor
procuring proctal profitable medicants too tired and shallow
waiting for godot became a national pastime
expert opinionated aerated aggravated airlines sucking kerosene
listen to the king see the dead horses lined up
look at all the kings men wallowing in sacraments ring kissing
stepping gingerly over the legs of dead horses (over forty seven)
waiting maids listen to the oracle of perpetual gaiety
and the castles return to sand eventually


3 Responses to “nearly twelve horses”

  1. Get the cool shoeshine Says:

    That\’s a really well written poem.Did you write it? Or take it from a book…


  2. all my stuff is original, generally i arrive at a computer library and this stuff comes out of my mind (or via my fingers within seven minutes) the boring stuff i generally have thought about (too much?)… * i have never had my work called poetry before,you liked it, that is a good thing for you for me for the words…


  3. Captain Neverlose Says:

    Fairly well writen verse man just when i think your rambling you either link back to something else or throw in a profound thought. As for the rest of the blog this is one of the best I\’ve read, its good to see that the internet isnt completely overloaded with prepubecent teens and their drivel of eternal pain and suffering.


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