are you trying to tell me that of billions of galaxies

were you trying to hide in mortal ism
were you aware of awareness
or otherwise
was there enough were the patriots victorious
are the schools and hospitals always full
is there a job in every office
a conception in every womb
a martyr on every cross for you
are the armies of perplexed divisions
were the pockets deep enough
or otherwise
is there a day away are you in terror
were there gentle teachers
what did you learn
or otherwise
are there scars is everything ok
when do the promises run out
how large is the sale
how chronic the shockwave
or otherwise
who has run aground
was there immunisation
is it worthy of recognition
why does so much madness hide behind such a thin veil of clarity
how are the animals
why only one planet
are there good and bad clusters
every chance graciously accepted
every nuance perfectly
or otherwise

3 Responses to “are you trying to tell me that of billions of galaxies”

  1.   Wow, what an imaginative piece, I\’m impressed but its powerful simplicity. However, as I have only briefly read through it, I cannot decipher its deeper meaning, and I\’m sure I, like so many others, will miss your intended message. For this I am sorry, I simply do not have the time for a more detailed analysis. Anyway, I admit my blogs are a bit wordy, but it\’s my style. Thanks for the kind works and an even greater thank you for reading through the entire entry.
      Take care,


  2. nothing is that deep, i use syntax as a rythmic exercise and the power of words is of themselves and beyond my own humble perspicacity


  3. MorningStarNinjette Says:

    i like your site.. if i say anything else i fear i will seem completely stupid or just like i smoke crack.


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