the Irony age…

When the headlines
are bigger than the story
is the story worthy of the headline
When the prophets become idols
are the idols weightier
than the vision of prophets
When the story is edited
is the editing
more than the story
When words fight for their existence
mightier than swords
but for the wielding mind
a pen is cut into useless pieces
When swords turn into ploughshares
the spirit to cut remains
only the oxen is left without shame
When the earth blinks
a new race is born
is this the mote in gods eye…

One Response to “the Irony age…”

  1. hello,i\’m here again.wish i can improve my english.and maybe i can teach u some chinese if u like.^^
    i see the ad aboust australia on tv and my uncle sometimes send me some photos(he lives in sydney),but i\’ve never been to that beautiful place(i like sea and beach^^),wish i can visit there one day.


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