it was a bird
it was a plane
it was a broken heart
it was a country in flame
superman died
wonder woman ran off with another dame
it was philosophical
it was intellectual
it was base
it was a shame
this is your captain speaking
we all went down yesterday
and we all go down again today

2 Responses to “Ontogenesis”

  1. MorningStarNinjette Says:

    hey you visited my space so i thought id check you out. well ur space out i cant check you out obviously coz your not a real pesron. well u are but u know what i mean. why did you shoot JFK what did he ever do to you? well asl ong as u picked up the milk on the way home. maybe a loaf of bread for the kids sandwiches for school tomorrow would be great too. thanks. Morning Star Ninjette.


  2. so it was me that shot JFK! i always knew the past would catch up one day…
    Oliver Stone was looking for a scapegoat, hollywood created one and we all watched in fascination


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