Styrofoam apostles of relativistic mercenaries to plunder

Where the waves crash incessantly
row after row of martyrs
cymbals of natures dance
while a fox has a duck
down in sellicks creek
poor duck dying to this
chaotic orchestra of fox
smiles after smiles
curled up inside the wound
this is civilisation
held tightly by a highway
of billboards for better sex
until even the waves cry
for the fox now dead
as this projectile vomits
cigarette butts and bottles
tinkering with stillness of nights calm
on the blacktop
wrapped tightly in this bandage
forever in the wound
is this civilisation
yes i am a viral plague
of hidden occupancy
while the waves play (martyrs for me)
and strange occupation
of civilisation invisable
in the clear night air
so full of noise so full of promise
when the rocks are returned to sand
even then this invisable geometry
of wounded mind
must recover from waves of cruel nature
wounded ducks and unsmiling fox carcass
untill every car has ejaculated every last
cigarette butt and bottle to be broken
is this civilisation
crying out a soundtrack
for this silent movie of a life
for nothing more than the sound of jet planes
the ploughing tractor
bleating of lambs on cold nights
while the words coming from the radio
sound more like a marching army
than even hollywood could explain to the blind
insouciant wave after wave of martyr
into this heart of darkness
beat the tiny wings of chaos
crystal clear as cobwebs
catching every dream
every last breath
every moment
muffled by this tight dressing
the sound of schuberts tears
tickle a piano spine to sleep
the sleep of a wave
or roll away the stone…

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