Hurry last days #32 : 68

Three minute eye surgery
longer lasting sex
faster smarter missiles
fourteen recipes for fish
marching boots crunch gravel
smaller boat full of squid
whales forlorn and dying
nice song
how many hands make friends
slapping cheating beating heart
four of spades
sixteen years of gospel blues
cracked wallpaper
never ending hug and kiss
oil wells go begging
like a monk
if only for a better pair
of genes…
not quite invisible
never quite alone
requiem for masses
all the way home…
This piece reflects the image of kimba the white lion (image) as it appeared on the swadling cloth used by joseph and mary upon a doll during their anti-natal classes during discussions as to whether god was an alien or not. circa 0-1. Parental supervision not mandatory but recommended….  Someone had written on the toilet walls of jerusalem such profanity that the band led by joshua (fantastic brass section) saw fit to blow the house down. row row etc etc (second album coming)

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