water of love #88

this is a short poem about tears…
there was this guy, he died of fashion
couldn’t show emotion
died of lack of imagination
Buddha told Jesus and Mahummed (PBUH) that you can’t really do anything to help
in a shallow nation
the three wise ones start a rock and roll band, great hair and air guitar in heaven
you see- spirituality is like petrol and the stock market
it goes up-it goes down
it goes up-it goes down
*To move the earth six inches to the left, just fire all the guns at the same time in the same direction
*to look really beautifull, look in every mirror at the same time, look into the eyes of someone who loves you
or go to an impoverished country, join the peace force and kill innocent people and call it collateral damage
This short piece reflects the inherent capacity of human weakness for conceit (with or without a looking glass)
When written, the author was known to have been inebriated and wrote another short piece titled "i dont care"
Having then spent four years studying at university, the title was then changed to "I do not care"
This guy died of fashion….

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