nothing then everything

Before the big bang

everything was nothing

after the big bang

nothing is everything….

*when everything was nothing it must have resembled a cosmic cake mix that exactly met the dimensions of where it was, immoveable, unpenetrable, unable to discern itself from what it would become.  Could this cause everything to want to become nothing in order to fullfill its destiny, or perhaps everything could not want at all, and nothing had the greater need to be everything….

How fascinating, a little bit of love,anger, peace, war, and a lot of gods all mixed together very tightly, no wonder the bang was big…..

B mesons, which have both antimatter and matter packed inside them, were thought to have been common just after the Big Bang theorized to have created our universe, but are now thought not to occur in nature. Scientists can create them, and other exotic particles, only in energetic collisions in particle accelerators like LHC.


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