six degrees


This gaze glides past a silky moon

light soft as flowers cuts my eyes

they are thin with desire

for knowledge of stars

beautifull, deadly, insouciant

hard heart battles inner demons

nothing but angels cold as steel

this heaviness of nothing

binding everything

untill everything is nothing

heavy as a butterfly

embrace this gaze

fields of grass bending

to the wind of complex gods

invisible, incurable, inscrutable, insatiable

incumbent inheritors

of prayers and simple dreams….


2 Responses to “six degrees”

  1. Your poems and artwork are excellent, if you had them under categories like: Poetry, Art, Nature, Philosophy, etc. you would get more exposure. I was a contributor to a webs site that had a web designer own the site and he taught me that ‘tags’ are not important, “Categories” are what shows in “Topics” where people are hanging out looking for subjects they are interested in. “Uncategorized” is never going to be seen in “Topics”, so, people don’t get to see your terrific work unless they are following your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks, i will endeavour to do that. It is good that you like my artwords.


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