modern love

omnia invictus amor

in the eyes of you

too deep for me to look

in the heart of you

too far for me to brook

in the words of you

too smart for me too cool

in the world of you

I am the singular fool

into this theatre of emotion

I have crept upon in dark strangers

until the very mirror I look upon

says it all says it all

I the original shallow blind fool

creep up to learn and love as though

life intangible is a school

so give me the fucking stick

the lessons make me sick

and though I always try

when I close my eyes I die…


2 Responses to “modern love”

  1. Your poetry is so sad, and it seems so genuine. This one is particularly beautiful.

    You’re honestly an incognita to me. I hope you can find love, if that’s your wish, poet. Modern or old school.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. good thoughts you. sad yes. I don’t need to find love, it is what I do… to endeavour to love with empathy and compassion for all people and creatures.


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