sky chains bird…

not a car tyre swanall of the articles

all of the particles

all the temples of Solomon

all the caves of Plato

all the paintings of Picasso

all the thoughts of Aristotle

dark theatre of the absurd

surrealist manifesto

thoughts obscure and transcendent

all held in a pigment

spinning attraction called time

what is this attraction

conclude me

elude me

divide me into lines

say nothing to everything

say everything to nothing

tonight of my eyes so tired

tattoo me a feather so I may fly…



5 Responses to “sky chains bird…”

  1. I really like your style of writing…it’s very interesting:)

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  2. thanks. This is old and modern at the same time. I am influenced by writers from the 1920’s onwards. I try to use simple language (this is not difficult, as I am a simple person)…


  3. Yes, I can definitely see that. The surreal work has always been interesting to me. Love to read more of your stuff 🙂

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  4. Interesting I like it

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  5. thanks. you are prolific writer. it means a lot that you like my stuff.


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