pad moets

so sing a song for you

but I can not sing

so help out a hand for you

my hands are full

so paint uplifting scenes for you

I am afraid

no singing holding onto false thoughts

now hear this

I will not sing for you

I will reach out every time

learn to paint…


sad mopets, pots meads, stop samed, deam stops, mad poets…


2 Responses to “pad moets”

  1. Thank you as always for reading my haiku poems. Today I’m very excited because about 500 of my haiku poems were published with an American publisher. Still have to wait before getting actual copies but you can see what it is like by going to Lulu com and writing in AshiAkira in the Search window.

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  2. sometimes I feel like I am running when I should stop and savour the beauty, your haiku poems are gems of subtlety that always move my inner self.


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