too late, pallete…

the artist finds no answer

continues the historical mess

see children laughing

wisdom must reinvent


do not be like me child

though the batton is handed to you

you need to run faster, further

than ever before

for yourself, and your children

please forgive an old artist who tried…

(it is so true for one to be nothing, this is my story, nothing and everything, this is a dream, perhaps tonight I will lay down to accept ending, and if I wake, then tomorrow my best effort will be to love those in my world. I have already learnt forgiveness, humility, and I am good with suffering. I cry alone for people I have never met, in fact, I cry often because I am nothing, not in a sad way, but because those who do not cry enough, do also not love enough, have not sacrificed part of themselves or do simply not care. May our spirits mingle and I know that honour and integrity of soul will have been my path. I gladly give my soul to you who are simple, to you who are trying, and to the empty pallete, where every colour is possible…)




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