my private suicide #369


this song, it is variable in pitch, like leaves on trees

the doppler effect of helicopter blades

it is sung to hungry children and hidden from defeated fathers

please do not tell my children that I wish so much

for simplicity is never answered by the wealth of heaven

for those of us who hear the bell of god

not for love nor money do we strive to give love

how do you weigh such souls of imperfection…

the poem:

the understanding of oneness and to be able to maintain truth

to keep this secret from the seasons and to bear false witness

this is not why waves murmur and carve our names in the sand

more to be hidden, stranger in a strange land…






9 Responses to “my private suicide #369”

  1. questa canzone, è variabile in altezza, come foglie sugli alberi

    l’effetto Doppler delle pale dell’elicottero

    è cantato ai bambini affamati e nascosto ai padri sconfitti

    per favore non dire ai miei figli che desidero tanto

    per semplicità non viene mai esaudita la ricchezza del paradiso

    per quelli di noi che ascoltano la campana di dio

    non per amore né denaro ci sforziamo di dare amore

    come pesate queste anime di imperfezione …

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  2. thank you gary, this poem has deeply impressed me, in a nutshell narrates the decline and hypocrisy of the West in the face of the problems it has created for the whole world; I’ll give you the ribo for the next episode of my Stolen Jewels (Gioielli Rubati)

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