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cubicle astronomy

Posted in funk you very much, modern art, Poetry, soliloquy for one on November 26, 2017 by gary j

in the cave where paintings moved

a flower growsย without seed

fast rocket of love articulate

consign the heart to bleed

to bring angels of the words

in pockets of resistance flow

of the sky where eyes abound

rivers deep and shallow…





visiting flowers…

Posted in funk you very much, metaphysics, modern art, Philosophy, Poetry, soliloquy for one on November 21, 2017 by gary j

craven idols protect temples hide to seek tread lightly broken heartbreak see you holding close test tube anomalies at the speed of looking when the look in your eyes is opal like I saw angels heart hand holding stick figures tempting threads out of history into paper jets of sin on the road to Damascus just over the fault line of western snake oil recipes and antidotes from mud and grunting things that become people

so quickly slugs crawl from sea land on moon one giant leap of faith grow vegetables on mars marginally at the expense of aged care on the backs of factories in brown all the way to utopia where milk is free no one is happy perfect equilibrium society…



my private suicide…

Posted in funk you very much, metaphysics, modern art, Philosophy, Poetry, soliloquy for one, Uncategorized on November 17, 2017 by gary j

see to the love of mirrors

calculate river bends

stone poems persistently

falling like angels feathers

always out of reach

thoughts without wings

thrown away for nothing…

smoking mirror lizards…

Posted in funk you very much, metaphysics, modern art, Philosophy, Poetry, Political, soliloquy for one, solipsism, Uncategorized on November 15, 2017 by gary j

when something beautiful then looks disturbingly

mother nature atom bombs lamb chops fast jets

unclear nuclear untied united suburbs of infinity

perfidy was fishes technically disguised as hooks

trees were for writing about log cabins

hunting and collecting

touching and looking

energy and mass

every word spoken

every breath




looking like we

all are one or if not

yet we are living breathing

circular sky so round my eye

when a vision so beautiful looks

disturbingly like political sharks

circling the money pond…

old jumper…

Posted in funk you very much, metaphysics, modern art, Philosophy, Poetry, Political, random poetry, soliloquy for one, solipsism, Uncategorized on November 11, 2017 by gary j

saw them striving looking holes jumper leads catering my weak ensemble and steak knives singing like we knew the words on the beach of many spies tampering with the trampolines telling lots of lies painting suburbs white line highway projectile vomit in the back of taxi…


does love see desire

love does desire see

see desire does love

desire see love does


cupid sucks…

Posted in funk you very much, metaphysics, modern art, Philosophy, Poetry, Political, random poetry, soliloquy for one, solipsism, Uncategorized on November 11, 2017 by gary j

does quiet love

do lonely people

how much hunger

see fat desire


sits heart of good intent more than this is just a thought can’t heal empty borders fly jet plane on judging panel fix autonomous behaviour into cakes of walking talking fixations consuming false bottom suitcases of dirty laundry…

night sky walking…

Posted in funk you very much, metaphysics, modern art, Philosophy, Poetry, soliloquy for one, solipsism, Uncategorized on November 8, 2017 by gary j

sky takes away all the looking

at night a blackboard covered with eternity

little pictures looking up a billion faces

crowded streets solitary confinement

loving pushing angry car bumper universe

stolen watch hungry child rich politician

tomorrow the sky will erase tonight

blackboard covered with eternity

to set the clock of photons of light

to look for the looking

tomorrow night…

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