ashamed to be australian.

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so in the babel of time in the land of compulsory voting

prime minister white man hides truth or even to look

he goes to church and plays the right game

stands by his man

against a woman.

a woman raped.

this woman commits suicide.

(whew! say cops, that could have caused the attorney general great pain)

how all these privileged white men have Mothers

how government resembles an erection .

You see, i have personally struggled in my life with misogyny, racial vilification, and yet through my failures still struggle to be a better man, person. and i am a nobody.

i will not vote again because until this culture is awakened to simple truths

nothing changes but their names.

all you white men politicians i would not piss on you if you were on fire.

sick of vacuous and oleaginous language from ivory towers.

SCOMO… go fuck yourself.

To ordinary people, peace in your heart. Love in your world.

crowded temple.

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nameless faces hidden

who is looking

at history


out here on the perimeter

discarded junkies of power

two minutes to midnight.

distance never ends.

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Sometimes the stars seem like a tunnel to my ignorance

then how i become a tunnel to smaller things

everything under the sky

did i appreciate life

is the word love

reaching outwards

from hidden sources


Sometimes the stars make me smile

for i am neither here nor there

the smallest distance possible.

peace in heart. love in world.



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